Glass Slide Projector Awesomeness

Moment of nerdiness this week:  I got REALLY excited when I found the original lens for my glass slide projector.  I was visiting my grandparents and my grandpa and I were rooting around in a box of lenses and I saw the projector lens and said something like “OMG that must be the original lens for my projector!”  I don’t think my grandpa knows what OMG means, so I probably didn’t say it exactly like that.

Not the original lens, but an adequate replacement.

The original lens has found its way home again!

Ok, so you probably don’t know what the heck this projector is even for.  I think the most accurate term for this device is “magic lantern” and it is a lot like a regular film slide projector except that it projects glass slides.

There is definitely fun to be had with such a projector and I have a few photos of my maiden effort at such fun.  Again, this was just a first test so expect an update with more photos at some point.

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