Unhealthy snacks. A stuffed mammal. The powdered wig search continues.

Flying in a plane is like this photo in that you are not on the ground.  Flying in a plane is not like this photo in that you are off the ground for a long time and everything looks like a model railroad display from your window.  On my way to London, thousands of feet above the ground,  I ate a shrimp appetizer off of a china plate, linen napkin on my lap, glass of wine on my fold-out table.  It felt strange to be so civilized while hurtling through the air encased in a metal shell.   Outside my window it was night but I could see the lights of cities like the flames of thousands of bonfires far below me.  I thought about the light places and the darkness between them.  Some time in the past the light places were safe havens from the wilderness.  Today I wonder if the dark places are actually more humane and sustainable than the cities and their twinkling lights.

As promised, I finished my London scavenger hunt.  I’d give myself a B- in terms of success, but I certainly made an effort.  I couldn’t for the life of me find a dog on a bridge or someone in a powdered wig, but I give myself bonus points for showing up at Parliament on Fat Tuesday to watch members of the House of Lords and House of Commons run a relay race that involved running with a pancake-filled griddle pan.

Here’s the scavenger hunt list with links to photos.  Enjoy.

Stereotypically English/European

Ordinary Objects

Out and About

Extra Challenge

1 thought on “Unhealthy snacks. A stuffed mammal. The powdered wig search continues.

  1. Tom

    I love the non-obvious interpretations the best, like the pre-fire house! That and the “fly tipping” sign made me chuckle heartily. I’m going to have to get someone to create a scavenger hunt for me the next time I’m on a vacation, this looks like great fun.

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