London Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow I leave for London.  I haven’t traveled internationally since the introduction of body scanners, so I took a look at the TSA website to catch up on anything I had missed.  Have you ever looked at the list of items prohibited in carry-on luggage?  A few examples:
  • Meat cleavers
  • Sabers
  • Swords, including fencing foils
  • Bows and arrows
  • Cricket bats
  • Pool cues
I laugh at this list in part because I know that someone has tried to bring this stuff in their carry-on luggage.  After one such incident, someone at TSA probably had to send an email to the website administrator saying something like “Can you please add “meat cleavers” to our list of prohibited items?”  Come on people.  Do you think you can fit a pool cue in the overhead compartment? I don’t think so.  One item I would like to see added to the list is “curling broom.”  If “cricket bat” is on the list, surely “curling broom” should be too.

Curling. Don't even think about bringing that broom in your carry-on.

Traveling is an adventure, and what better way to enhance your adventure than with a little scavenger hunt!  I called up my friend betsy yesterday and asked her to create a list of items for me to find and photograph while I am on my trip.  Entertaining photographs earn extra points.  The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Will I be able to find each item on the list?  Find out next week when I upload the scavenger hunt photos.  Take a look at the list of challenges, organized by category, below.

Stereotypically English/European
  • a punk
  • a jar of marmite
  • a man in a powdered wig
  • a mini
  • a baby on the tube
  • the London Olympic mascot
  • a building pre-dating the London fire

Ordinary Objects

  • a key
  • a cup
  • a clock
  • a cake
  • a ticket

Out and About

  • a boat in use
  • train tracks
  • a scrap of paper found on the ground with something hand-written on it
  • someone in a large hat
  • a dog on a bridge
  • twins
  • an unhealthy children’s snack
  • a street sign that you don’t understand the meaning of
  • someone exercising
  • something you would buy if you had the money
  • something you wouldn’t buy even if someone paid you the price of the item
  • a street performer
  • a three-tined fork
  • an ear of someone you have never met
  • a stuffed mammal

Extra Challenge

  • a photo taken from a rooftop (you must be on the roof and it cannot be a roof for which you need buy a ticket to go on)
  • an autograph (from anyone you meet while in england.  preferably not anyone famous)
  • a photo of your feet in the ugliest shoes you can find

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