I came across this postcard  while I was sorting through family photos.  It looks like something one of my family members picked up in the gift shop when they visited the Ohrada castle.  The postcard quality is low, but if you look carefully, in addition to several fox taxidermy specimens, there is also a hen, a frog, and some other creature wearing coattails standing at the left on top of the display case. 

Here’s the original description printed on the back of the postcard:
Hluboká n. Vlavou
Lovecký zámek Ohrada z let 1712-1713.  Skupina “Lišáci vaří vejce” je cáští sbírky původních hraček dětí šlechty z roku 1880.

English translation:
Hluboka nad Vltavou (a town located in southern Bohemia, Czech Republic)
From the Ohrada hunting castle, dating from 1712 to 1713. The scene, “Foxes boiling eggs” is part of the collection of original children’s toys from the nobility in 1880.

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