Humboldt Park

I’ve lived in Humboldt Park for about six years now, and I’m still just as charmed by it as I was when I first moved here.  The park’s naturalistic feel is the product of landscape architect Jens Jensen, whose work also includes Lincoln and Douglas Parks.

These postcards from the 1910s come from the collection of Marie Jelinek, one of my relatives.  I don’t have too many Chicago postcards in the collection, so I was really excited when I saw these.  The pavilion you see in the first postcard is no longer in existence, but its style is echoed in the park’s horse stable building, which is still standing and today houses the Institute of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture.

Humboldt Park pavilion.  Postcard circa 1912.

Humboldt Park.  Postcard mailed 7/12/1912

The back side of the above postcard.

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